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Discreet Hearing is operated by Peter & Joma Ormrod.

We are a father and daughter team with 2 decades of experience in the hearing aid industry and a lifetime experience of dealing with hearing loss.

Because of our family history we fully understand the challenges of hearing loss, and look after all of our patients like we do our own family.

Coverage area.

We offer a friendly and honest home visit service in parts of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.
SG1 to SG7
SG15 to SG17
AL6 to AL8

Joma has degrees in Hearing Aid Audiology and in Osteopathy giving her extensive knowledge in anatomy and physiology.

Having parents, uncles, aunts and grandparents with severe to profound hearing loss, she has a unique insight into the problems faced by the patient, their family, friends and colleagues.

Joma Ormrod


As someone who has lived with a severe hearing loss for almost 40 years, Peter has worn every type of hearing system from the early NHS hearing aids to the latest computer based marvels of today.

Peter also has a masters diploma in clinical auditory rehabilitation and tinnitus counselling.

Peter Ormrod

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