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The clarity of sound is just amazing, you really won’t be disappointed, and that is said from someone who really didn’t want over the ear aids.

Now, I wouldn’t be without them.


I am now less stressed and quite frankly less shy, withdrawn and lonely. Life changing can be an overused phrase, but in this case it really fits what has happened to me.


Discreet Hearing understood my wife's hearing problem because they have 'in house' knowledge of long standing. Quality speaks for itself, and that, in my opinion, is Discreet Hearing.


Having hearing aids in both ears has changed my life. I am now part of a conversation rather than just a spectator.

The aids that Joma recommended to me with the remote control are exceptional.


I was thrilled when Joma was able to examine my ears and rectify my problem. My hearing is much improved thanks to her. She is very knowledgeable and gentle.

I am so grateful - thanks Joma!


Discreet Hearing offer an excellent, caring and understanding service and have personal experience of hearing loss and the impact it has on life.

As someone with an active lifestyle, I found my hearing problem was affecting my confidence and impacting on my social life.


After my consultation it was suggested that I try one of the Phonak aids which was configured to counter the loss. Almost immediately the feeling of pressure vanished and sounds in the room became vivid and clear. My own voice was clearer too. I just had to get one of my own!

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