Ear wax removal.

This is provided as a home visit service.

We use video otoscopy to show you your ear canals before and after the treatment, and to also take before and after pictures for our medical records.


Ear wax removal prices are as follows:


Ear wax removal:


If there is no wax present for removal:


Additional visit if the wax is too hard to be removed initially:

We offer various methods of ear wax removal which will be discussed in order to provide the best solution for you.

Ear wax can be manually removed using a curette to ‘hook’ out easily accessible wax at the entrance of the ear canal, or via microsuction and irrigation:

Ear Wax Removal


Microsuction is performed using a microscope and a low pressure medical suction unit. No water will enter the ear so is suitable for those who have perforated ear drums.

A thin probe is attached to the suction tube and you will experience a sound similar to air rushing around the ear canal. Occasionally it can make a high pitched whistle if hairs get sucked into the tube but this is completely normal.

Microsuction is only available outside of the hospital environment by trained ear care professionals.

Ear Wax Removal


Some people prefer irrigation which uses a gentle jet of warm water in the ear canal to wash out the wax. For those who have normal ear drums, this is a good option to remove any wax stuck there, or if the person finds microsuction too noisy.

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